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Dow Chemical
quote_markIt is not an overstatement to say that our world needs true leaders more today than probably any time in our history. But not just simply leaders – we need leaders who can inspire people to greatness in all areas of our society and in all parts of the world. To paraphrase Margaret Mead who said, ‘Never underestimate the power of a small group of committed people to change the world. In fact, it is the only thing that ever has.’ The same is absolutely true for committed and inspirational leaders – they can and will change the world – in fact, it is the only thing that ever has! Any leader can achieve a powerful brand of extraordinary executive presence and be part of meaningful change in the world. We all know great leaders when we see them. But they don’t become ‘great’ and make a true impact without intense study, training and focus on leadership presence. In this book, Bates has clearly defined in tangible and easy to understand concepts the elements of leadership presence and how to apply it. The Bates model brings clarity to the focus of executive presence and offers a definition and application grounded in research. If you read one book on leadership and leadership presence – this is THE one!”

– R. Matt Davis, Corporate Vice President, Global Public Affairs & Government Affairs, The Dow Chemical Company

quote_markNot only does All the Leader You Can Be offer a strong model that any organization can apply to their leadership development approaches, it offers specific insights on how Executive Presence is nuanced with groups such as women and diverse populations. For HR departments and talent development programs, this book is the answer to the often-asked question, ‘How do we help leaders develop executive presence?”

— Kathryn Horgan, EVP Global Human Resources, State Street Corporation

CVS Health
quote_markAll the Leader You Can Be deftly translates the “you know it when you see it” aspects of leadership and executive presence into specific behaviors and attributes that can be identified and measured – the pathway to change. Through the use of a conversational tone and case studies, you are guided through an approach that will assist executives, coaches and HR professionals in providing actionable and observable counsel to leaders that will enable them to realize their full potential to inspire and motivate their teams to drive business results. The book demystifies a “black box” area of leadership development by defining tools for success that are accessible to all.”

– Lisa G. Bisaccia, EVP & Chief Human Resources Officer, CVS Health

Dana Farber Cancer Institute
quote_markI have observed the ‘missing piece’ in leader career progression for many years. Often it comes out in little observation, attributes, or behaviors that get discussed about why someone is ‘just not right or not up the task’ of taking the next step. This book not only identifies the dimensions of the missing piece called “executive presence”, but also describes the facets of behavior that are essential for leadership success. To think there is now a tool to measure this provides a tool that organization will embrace and has been missing in our toolkits. The dynamics of the workforce demand more in the realm of ‘executive presence’ than ever before due to rapid changes in technology, organizational structure and multi-generational workforce and needs. This book could not come at a better time for which I for one am most grateful!”

— Deb Hicks, Senior Vice President for Human Resources, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

quote_markBates has codified executive presence. Their 3 domains and 15 dimensions of leadership behavior will help leaders recognize, assess, and improve their ability to lead.

—Dave Ulrich

Bentley University
quote_markFor both current and aspiring leaders, All the Leader You Can Be is a guide to perfecting a responsive and engaging management style through the Executive Presence. With countless case studies and relatable stories, readers will find ways to recognize and enhance personal strengths while identifying concrete, practical strategies to improve weaknesses. The lessons shared throughout this book will help any leader looking to make an impact on their organization or planning to take their career to the next level. I highly recommend this book!”

— Gloria Cordes Larson, JD, President, Bentley University

quote_markToo many workers are thrown into leadership roles with absolutely no idea of what it takes to be even a mediocre leader, let alone a great one. The Bates Model of Executive Presence will help readers learn, evaluate and constantly improve their leadership skills.”

— Bill Capodagli and Lynn Jackson, Authors, The Disney Way

quote_markAll the Leader You Can Be is a clear, candid, and research-based look at what it takes to become a great leader. Bates has written a heretofore unseen definitive resource on what executive presence is and how to achieve it!”

— Marshall Goldsmith, the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Triggers, MOJO and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There


Holter Consulting
quote_markFinally someone nails the true essence of Executive Presence. “All the Leader You Can Be” transforms the “I know it when I see it” of Executive Presence into a science-based, tested and reliable model of presence. This book launches a new era of executive leadership development.”

— Halvor Holter & Line Pfeiffer Jørgensen Holter, Executive Coaches & Owners of Holter Consulting, Denmark

quote_markExecutive Presence is something that I’ve been asked to develop Executives and Leaders on for years. However, you can ask ten people to describe “Executive Presence” and you will get ten different answers. Sometimes it is dress, other times it is charisma and other times it is leadership style. Finally, someone has brought it all together in an easy to understand research-based model. All the Leader You Can Be takes the mystery away from this “thing” called Executive Presence and provides leaders with the information and tools required to soften the edges, achieve career success and make an impact on the organization.”

— Linda Arsenault, Executive Director of Talent Management Solutions, Sunovion

Gwen Parks Group
quote_markExecutive presence is a critical factor for influential leaders, yet historically has been elusive to define as a development area. Bates has created a compelling data-based model for developing Executive Presence in an objective and meaningful way that will guide leaders to new levels of success. This book is a new addition to the ‘must-have’ spot on your leadership book shelf.”

— Gwen Parks, CEO, Gwen Parks Group

quote_markIf you aspire to become an outstanding leader, this book is a must read. All the Leader You Can Be is a blueprint for building specific qualities all leaders need to establish an executive presence that will drive successful business results for their organization.”

— Tom Massey, author of The ABC’s of Effective Leadership

quote_markBates has done something extraordinarily useful. Through a scientifically-grounded approach, they’ve identified the core elements of “executive presence;” and through a clarifying set of illustrations, they’ve made it attainable. All leaders—current and prospective—ought to feel grateful to them.”

– Robert B. Cialdini – Author of INFLUENCE