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Align, Inspire, and Move People to Act!
The 15 Indisputable Qualities of
Executive Presence

What is executive presence, and why does it matter? Intuitively, leaders know it’s an important success factor. Sometimes it’s described as presentation skill, polish, charisma or professional image. However, these descriptions fail to acknowledge the deeper-level facets that enable leaders to align, inspire, and move people to act.In this keynote session, bestselling author and top CEO coach Suzanne Bates will reveal new, breakthrough research on the essential qualities of executive presence and influence. Drawing from her new book, All the Leader You Can Be: The Science of Achieving Extraordinary Executive Presence (McGraw Hill 2016), Suzanne will enable you to understand how to influence decisions, engage hearts and minds, and mobilize above and beyond effort from people.

As coaches to top executives around the globe, Suzanne and her firm have worked with some of the world’s most successful organizations to help their leaders drive business strategies forward. With the Bates ExPI™ Executive Presence Index, they’ve developed the first research-based assessment to measure executive presence in leaders.

All the Leader You Can Be Suzanne Bates

During this energizing session, you’ll learn:

  • How the qualities of executive presence, such as Confidence, Resonance, Composure, Practical Wisdom, and Inclusiveness, can be directly linked to driving business results
  • Which qualities help you to win trust and goodwill, build credibility, provide visionary direction, and drive execution
  • Reasons why some leaders hit inflection points and how to help them get beyond to excel in their careers
  • Methods for identifying strengths and gaps that enhance your presence and enable you to win hearts and minds

Suzanne will provide you with a practical understanding of the science behind executive presence, and enable you to apply it to your urgent, real-world business challenges. You’ll walk away inspired to amplify your own qualities of presence and take your career to the next level!



Suzanna Bates - author of All the Leader You Can Be


Executive Presence and Character: The Fundamental Qualities of Leadership that Drive Trust and Goodwill

Leadership development teams often wonder how to broach the subject of “executive presence” when assessing or developing leaders in their organization. EP is essential for asserting influence, driving change, and achieving performance, but its definition has traditionally been elusive. In this session, Suzanne Bates, author of the new book All the Leader You Can Be: The Science of Achieving Extraordinary Executive Presence (McGraw Hill March 2016), will facilitate an engaging discussion around the proven qualities of executive presence.

Discussion Topics:

  • New research on the 15 distinct facets of executive presence that allow leaders to engage, align, and move people to act
  • How perceptions of a leader’s Character – made up of facets such as Authenticity, Integrity, and Humility – inspire trust and build goodwill
  • How leaders can use the power of storytelling to amplify qualities of Character
  • Case studies and examples from Bates’ work with leadership development programs in Fortune 500 organizations who have successfully built frameworks for assessing and developing EP in leaders and high-potentials




One Size Does Not Fit All!

How Each Leader Can Leverage Her Own Unique Executive Presence

As women move forward in their careers, the discussion often defaults to their executive presence. Interestingly, executive presence has remained a mysterious “X Factor” – we know it’s important, but what is it? More importantly, how do women in leadership leverage it to make an impact and drive outcomes?

Through extensive research, Suzanne Bates and her team have cracked the code on executive presence and redefined it in a way that levels the playing field for women leaders. As highlighted in the new book, All the Leader You Can Be: The Science of Achieving Extraordinary Executive Presence (McGraw Hill), they take presence beyond executive image and presentation skill, to identify the specific qualities of leadership that enable both men and women to align, inspire and move people to act.

Suzanne’s energizing and interactive keynote program will bust the conventional wisdom that women’s leadership development can be done with a “one size fits all” approach.. She’ll reveal the data and research, gathered through her firm’s assessment of hundreds of leaders, that suggests:

  • How executive presence goes beyond surface qualities to encompass your Character, Substance, and Style
  • The 15 facets of executive presence within these dimensions, such as Authenticity, Restraint, Practical Wisdom, Resonance, and Intentionality, that are proven to help you engage and motivate others
  • How to leverage your unique strengths in each to make a bigger impact and drive business outcomes
  • Why leadership development for women needs to go beyond the common buckets of “confidence,” “style,” and “assertiveness”




the conference board logoTestimonials from the 2016 Women’s Leadership Conference:

“Energizing! Exactly thought-provoking.”
—Executive Director. Packaging Head of Categories and Innovation
Avon Products, Inc.

“Awesome speaker!”
—Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer
Tupperware Brands Corporation

“Engaging, helpful, incredibly positive… wish it was longer.”
—Director of Human Resources
Fidelity Investments

“Great Energy!”
—VP, BDE Global Diversity & Inclusion and Supplier Diversity
Boeing Company

“Very energetic, interesting and fact based.”
—Director, Operations, Communications and Customer Service
AutoZone, Inc.